On the last Saturday of November, there was
music, dancing, fun and laughter in the
Main Hall at a Scottish Night organised by the
Social Group. Colin and August played traditional
Scottish tunes on the bagpipes to welcome
everyone as they arrived, and again as they left to
go home, after a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
Music was played by Ian and Willie Robert. John
Caskie was the MC for the occasion and did
a splendid job of introducing the entertainers
and making sure the floor was filled for the
ceilidh dances.

We were joined by some
Ukrainian guests. They were encouraged to join
in the dances, which they did with enthusiasm.
Talented members from the congregation
provided more relaxing entertainment. We
enjoyed songs from Anne and David and poetry
recitations from Mary and Colin. At the interval,
traditional Scottish fare was served, including
oatcakes and cheese or smoked salmon, tablet
and shortbread.
It was a wonderfully joyous evening – made
more special by the fact that such a large social
gathering hadn’t been possible during the
Jane Marchbank & Jill McEwan