Our Mathia Faith Share Partners are preparing to celebrate the Dedication of their “New Church”, following
very many years of saving and building to reach this point.

There is now disabled access as well as new washing, sanitation, and parking facilities. A special Service will
take place on 17th/18th September to coincide with a Presbytery visit.  As you may know, Maxwelltown West Church has been invited to take part.

Due to the time difference between countries, a pre-recorded video made by MaxWest will be sent to Mathia; our greetings and pictures will be shown on the day and included as part of their service.  Our gift of a CCTV system is now in place, with grateful thanks from the Elders and congregation. Funding came from the WCT account.

Congratulations to Mathia Church Guild who have celebrated 100 years!  Other latest news states that Rev Wachera is on leave, so a student minister is filling in. We look forward to showing you the Dedication Service of this “New Church” soon.

Priority over the years has been to support Mathia Students’ Bursary funds.  We receive many letters of thanks and details of their progress, with over 30 now graduated and many have found good jobs.  Our Christmas Appeal will go out again this year as 7 new students are in place.

John Njeru was delighted to tell us that one of their students, Michael Murage Kiragu, has recently graduated. Studying at the University of Eastern Africa at Baraton for four years, he is now Bachelor of Science in Networks and Telecommunications.  A beneficiary of donations from MaxWest he is very grateful for the support received. John added: “Currently we have a total of 11 students; two joined this Academic year and there are 9 continuing
students.  We have three awaiting graduation by the end of this year and they have now received the funds.

“We give glory to God for yet another success we have achieved together.”