We had a fantastic start to our new Sunday bible study group, which the youngsters seem to be
enjoying. Our first project has been to look at Genesis, and both Blair and Georgia have been
breaking down and questioning what is contained there. They have been particularly interested
in how long ‘a day’ was when the world was created and we have explored many theories
around this and how Satan arrived into ‘paradise’. Deep stuff, but it is allowing us to explore the
true meaning of God’s word.
Towards the end of the summer David Matheson suggested that we have a trip with the
youngsters. David, Blair, Georgia, Sandy the dog and I all headed off to the Mabie Forest where
we followed a range of different routes, finishing off in the park and then the Mabie House Hotel.
David had phoned ahead and they had prepared a mountain of food for us all, including
sandwiches, hot chocolate, cream and jam scones and ice-creams which were huge. We had a
lovely night and made a huge hole in all the food. It was much appreciated and our thanks go to
David for this lovely treat.
If you would like information about our Youth Bible Explorers group for 10 to 16yr olds, please do
not hesitate to contact me on 01387 251419. Thanks! Dawn McLeod