Saturday morning 27th October saw a gathering of approximately 50 members of the congregation in the church hall.  The meeting began at 11am and was led by the Reverend Sandra Black and the Reverend John Collard who are both members of the Interim Ministries Team.

Following an introduction by Sandra and a short act of worship led by John, those present were spilt into seven smaller groups who then enjoyed a time of discussion.  There were three questions given to the groups to discuss, relating to the progress that has been made during the last year and what there was – if anything – that still needed looking at.  The groups came back together for a feedback session where the points from each group were collated.

During the feedback session it was clear that the feeling is that there is no longer a need for an Interim Minister.  Sandra will write a report and send it to the Interim Moderator and also to the Interim Ministries Task Group.  The Interim Moderator will approach Presbytery regarding the matter of the ‘right to call’ a minister being restored to the congregation.  Further updates and more information will be available when we have the report from Sandra.  If you have any questions, please contact the Rev Sally Russell 01556 503645.                                               S R