After the great response to our Faith course that we have run between Easter and Pentecost we are going to resume this course. This time we will deal with the Lord’s Prayer.

What makes this prayer so important and singular is the fact that it was taught by Jesus himself as a template for prayer. Everything that matters in the relationship between God and human being can be found in this prayer. Consequently, the Lord’s Prayer does not only show us how to pray, but it also gives us an understanding of how Jesus sees the Christian life.

This time the course is based on a booklet. That is recommended to everyone who wants to take part in this course. The booklet can be obtained at the first meeting for £5.

Wednesdays at 7pm in the Centenary Hall

28th September              Talking to the Father

5th October                     Showing Some Respect

12th October                   Who’s Really in Charge

— Holiday Break —

2nd November                Why Pray When You Can Worry?

9th November                 Costly Forgiveness

16th November               Tackling Temptation

23rd November               The Power and Glory

30 November                   A Passion for Prayer