The humanitarian project in Bondo, initiated in 2007, has during those 11 years, raised over £72,000.

From small beginnings the community led by Winnie Owuor and her helpers has now reached a position of self-sustainability.  For example, the development of their fish farming “Small Business Fund” provided by Maxwelltown West Church has now been so successful that it has been featured in the national media and subsequently been supported by the Government with a view to exporting the talapia fish which it produces.

The Bondo project has now fulfilled all of the criteria drawn up by the Usenge Development Initiative and the World Church Team.

With the approval of the Kirk Session it has been decided that the goal we, that is you, set out in faith and hoped to achieve, has now been achieved.  The project can proudly leave the legacy of a self-funding and sustainable community in Bondo, with clean water, sanitation, education and developing business opportunities.

On behalf of the community in Bondo and the World Church Team, our grateful thanks to you the church members for your commitment over the years which has brought our project to a successful conclusion.    Thank you

Greetings from Mathia Church

We continue to hear from John and Mathia elders very regularly, always sending warm greetings and news of their church and students.

In February they ordained six new elders who are helping to fundraise to complete their new church, now in the 10<sup>th</sup> year of progress.  They have managed to purchase musical instruments and an electrical unit with the help from our Christmas Gift appeal.  The young musicians are delighted and thank us greatly for our help.

We are looking forward to details of new students starting courses in May and July.  We have promised the elders they will receive our bursary funding in advance as usual.

The World Church Team continues to support the education programme for the foreseeable future. This connection through the Church of Scotland World Mission Faith to Faith project has continued since 2007 and exchange visits have strengthened understanding and support in different ways between the two congregations.

The latest bible text from John and elders – Mark 10 v 26-30.                                                                        AD