You may not know that Churches and Guilds are going through challenging times, as some are closing in an extensive reorganisation of the Church of Scotland.  All Guilds have been affiliated to the national church since
1887 and are attached to their local Kirk Session.  We report Guild news to every Kirk Session meeting and our
National Convener reports to the General Assembly in Edinburgh every May.

We are glad our own Guild is looking ahead and has welcomed new people to our meetings this year. Several male members are now in the leadership team and proved very valuable. I am delighted to say everyone in the team this year has agreed to continue again next session.  However, I am very concerned as how long this can continue.
Sadly, some Guilds have closed through lack of leaders and support.  One example is our partners at Bengairn Guild near Castle Douglas.  We were happy to accept their treasures of a small cross and hand embroidered Guild cloth.  A few members attended when Rev Johannes dedicated the items at our first meeting.

A Concert in Church on 19th April by “The Solway Strummers”, a Ukulele band, was held to support our Guild Project called “Beat”.  Following a film in November at Guild, we were shocked to realise how gravely eating disorders affect the lives and mental health of so many, especially young people.

The Guild are most grateful to all the people who helped organise and prepare for this hugely enjoyable and well attended concert, and especially to “The Solway Strummers” who performed free of charge; they entertained us all magnificently.

Guild meetings will resume in October.