Our Minister Rev Johannes opened the first meeting with the subject “I Have a Dream” and played the Abba song familiar to all.  He referred to the effect dreams can have personally and how God spoke to Moses and others in the Bible, then finished with a meaningful folk song “ Street of Dreams”.

We also welcomed Margaret Shanks and Agnes Ross, friends from Bengairn Guild which sadly is closing.  This Guild has been our Link for many years visiting their events and enjoying fellowship together. Following an invitation to accept their small cross and embroidered tablecloth, both made by their Guild members, we humbly accepted these, (photo R) promising to treasure and use them. Rev Johannes dedicated the items with prayer.  We hope these ladies and others will come to join MaxWest for any meetings and celebrations.

Our project chosen this year, called “Beat”, aims to support and educate families with eating disorders and mental health problems.  This is a massive problem affecting people of all ages often leading to mental health issues in our area and nationwide.  Beat have support teams working with families, developing courses and now have a helpline with experienced people in attendance.  We plan to support them with a concert next year.  Details will be announced later.  You may remember last year we raised funds for “Home for Good” aiming to find suitable homes for vulnerable children.  The latest national Guild fund for this is £70,500 and rising with great results.

Following our Christmas party in December, on January 9th we have David Miller who worked on Dumfries House; February 6th: John Nelson’s Journey with a Clydesdale Horse and on March 5th Mrs Lynda Mackie with the History of Laurieknowe.

All meetings are at 2-4pm and everyone is welcome.

Anne Dunbar