Following our Annual Gathering in the General Assembly Hall in Edinburgh the Guild season is in full swing with the new National Convener Helen Eckford installed into office.

This year’s theme “Wee Seeds Big Trees” was the focus from the main speaker Moderator Rt Rev Dr Ian Greenshields.  He reflected on his personal journey from childhood in Drumchapel Glasgow through his ministry in various charges and charity involvement both home and around the world.

Referring to the Guild as most members would grow through Sunday School many progressing into church activities.  Now as Guild we can be like big trees encouraging growth and help in this changing time for our  Church.  The Moderator was undoubtedly an inspirational speaker.

The opening afternoon meeting of Max.West Guild on 4th October was very well attended. The speaker was Rev. Johannes Wildner who gave an interesting talk on his life as a young person in Berlin and his life journey to Dumfries.

By the time you read this we will be looking forward to Guild 2023 continuing with all afternoon meetings 2-4pm.  Everyone is welcome, men and women, so please come along and find out what we do. And yes tea will be served.

Looking forward to the 92nd Year of Maxwelltown Guild:
January 10th Veteran Robin Hood will tell how he walked to London pulling a 20-stone statue of a WW1 soldier for a veterans charity.
February 7th (Programme to be advised).
March 7th Our Project “Star Child” in Uganda . This project hopes to tackle the stigma of
children with learning disabilities who rarely leave home and receive no education. So far a
new school is partly built and with Guild money completed offering education for all.