Greeting & Call to Worship

Welcome & Intimations

Hymn “God of dawn, each day’s renewal” (ABBOT’S LEIGH)

Psalm 19

Prayers of Adoration and Confession

CH4 648 “Lord, have mercy” (seated)

Collect of the day & Gloria in Excelsis

Old Testament: Exodus 20:1-7

Epistle: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

Gospel: John 2:13-22


Nicene Creed

CH4 405 “We sing the praise of him who died”

Prayer of Intercession

Invitation & Offering

CH4 658 “Before I take the body of my Lord”

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication

The Grace & Unveiling of the elements

Narrative of the Institution

Taking of the Bread and Wine


CH4 651 “Holy, holy, holy”

Lord’s Prayer

Breaking of Bread

CH4 653 “Lamb of God”

Communion & The Peace


Hymn “Eternal God, this earth is charged with grandeur” (tune HOW GREAT THOU ART)

Dismissal & Blessing

CH4 786 “May the God of peace go with us”

 God of dawn, each day’s renewal

  1. God of dawn, each day’s renewal

brings the world into your light

as your sun defeats the shadows,

drives away the darkest night.

We would greet this new beginning

as your call to start again;

lead us on with hope and courage,

make your will and purpose plain.


  1. Christ, you walked the world as we do,

knew its human pain and loss

as your love broke through the barriers,

by your death upon the cross.

We still speak your gospel message,

though two thousand years have gone;

help us now translate its meaning

in this present world of wrong.


  1. Holy Spirit, inspiration,

light and truth and root of prayer,

as your challenge moves us forward,

taking us we know not where,

we will follow your direction,

though the way may not be clear.

Shape us, change us, recreate us,

so the future holds no fear.


  1. Praise to God, who spoke creation,

giving life to time and space.

Praise to Christ, whose living presence

showed the world your human face.

Praise the Spirit, daily witness

to your ever-loving way.

Take us now and reawake us,

challenge us to use this day.