A special “Thank you” to our members who supported
our Christmas Appeal for Mathia Students. The sum
of £2,000 to share was sent in January.  The programme
started in 2007.  John Njeru writes: “We are short of words
for your continuous support and we will forever be grateful”.  He
notes that one new student could only be accepted due to
this bursary.  Many of the students were primary school age
when the Max West World Church Team (WCT) visited
them.  Now many students in the University Education
Fund Programme are studying a range of subjects.  These
include Bachelor of Arts courses such as Economics;
Business Studies; Sociology, International Relations
and Disaster Management. Bachelor of Science courses
include Civil Engineering; Project Planning; Industrial
Chemistry; Industrial Mathematics; Computing and IT.
John Njeru ends his news by writing: “May God bless you
and the entire Maxwelltown West Church.”