Our Mathia Faith Share Partners celebrated the Dedication of their “New Church” following very many years of saving and building to reach this point.  A special Service took place in September to coincide with a Presbytery visit.  Our gift of a CCTV system is now in place with grateful thanks from the Elders and congregation. Funding came from the WCT account.

Priority over the years has been to support Mathia student’s bursary funds.  We receive many letters of thanks and details of their progress with over 30 now graduated and many found good jobs.  Our Christmas Appeal will go out again this year as 7 new students are in place.

Latest news states Rev Wachera is on leave so they have a student minister filling in.  New toilets and washrooms are in place with an extended altar area, all of which have been painted and installed with disabled access in mind.
We were delighted to receive a video from the Mathia congregation showing the celebrations, and which we used in a Sunday service here at MaxWest.  This was followed soon after by a further ‘Thank You’ video made by the Elders, with one or two familiar faces taking part!  Elder John Njeru has been keeping us updated with messages:
“Good evening and praise God brethren.  The people were very happy on seeing your video message. Back here at our Parish, we did the Annual church leaders and deacons’ elections. I was retained as the Minister’s pairing Elder. Groups elected their leaders and we are believing that we will have a good and successful church year ahead.

Secondary schools final year candidates are due to do their national examinations – currently we have five students who will be joining university next January; one of them is an orphan.  We have three more who will graduate.

The situation is worsening every day due to the current drought and many people are going without food.  Cows and even wild animals have died due to lack of water and grass but we trust God in all this.  The drought has severely affected food security in the country and thus raising inflation rates on recurrent expenditure items and food.  Our country just got a new president just a month ago.  The elections were peaceful and we thank God for that.The election was very exceptional as such peace has not been experienced before in other elections.  Kenyans are hopeful for better times ahead.

We continue to pray for you and wish you all the best.”