Looking Forward to 2020 – Rev. Sally Russell, Interim Moderator

It is my hope and prayer for 2020 that the congregation of Maxwelltown West will continue moving forward and developing themselves and the work that goes on here.

There are big changes ahead for the whole Church – not just the churches in Dumfries – and I see this as exciting times ahead.

There will be great opportunities to do things differently, to really become more involved with the community and our ecumenical friends and neighbours. It is my hope that, as the people of God in this place, we are willing and able to follow where we are being called to go.

Our traditions of the past give us a great platform to work from – but we must look forward and not back. In 2020 I hope and pray that we will be excited and enthusiastic about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in whatever way we can, so that the Kingdom of God continues to grow.