In the new year we will start with a new faith course. This time we will look at the Sermon on the Mount that can be found in Matthew, chapter 5-7. This sermon serves as a summary of Jesus’ teachings and as a basis for Christian ethics. Such important texts like the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer are part of it. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount we hear that the crowds were amazed at his teaching (Matthew 7:28). Hopefully we will be likewise amazed!

The new faith course will start on Wednesday, 11th January, and will take place every Wednesday at 7pm until 22nd March.

The course is based on a booklet from the Lifebuilder Study series. That is recommended to everyone who wants to take part in this course. The booklet can be obtained at the first meeting for £5.

Wednesdays at 7pm in the Centenary Hall

11 January           Introduction and Unexpected Blessings (Mt 5:1-12) Part 1

18 January           Unexpected Blessings (Mt 5:1-12) Part 2

25 January           God’s Way to Make a Difference (Mt 5:13-20)

1 February          What’s Wrong with Private Sins? (Mt 5:21-37)

8 February          How to Really Love Your Enemies (Mt 5:38-48)

15 February        How Not to Be Religious (Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18)

22 February        A Pattern for Dynamic Prayer (Matthew 6:7-15)

1 March                What God Thinks of My Ambitions (Matthew 6:19-34)

8 March                Relationships That Encourage (Matthew 7:1-12)

15 March             Detecting the Lies of Our World (Matthew 7:13-20)

22 March             Making the Choice of a Lifetime (Matthew 7:21-29)