CH4 161 “O God, our help in ages past”

Greeting & Call to Worship

Welcome & Intimations


Call to Remembrance & The Silence & Prayer

CH4 712 “What shall we pray for those who died”

with Laying of the wreath

Children‘s address

CH4 710 “‘I have a dream’, a man once said”

Gospel: Matthew 5:38-48 (Guides)


CH4 528 “Make me a channel of your peace”

Offering & Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication

Prayers (Brownies)

CH4 706 “For the healing of the nations” to tune 680 Regent Square.

Prayers & Lord’s Prayer

CH4 182 “Now thank we all our God”

CH4 703 “God save our gracious King”

Dismissal & Blessing