Brownies and Guides will be attending and flags paraded.

CH4 160 “Praise, my soul, the King of heaven”

Greeting & Call to Worship

Welcome & Intimations

CH4 530 “One more step along the world I go”

Baptism with Apostles’ Creed

CH4 796 “The Lord bless you and keep you”

Children’s address

Prayer of Adoration and Confession & Collect of the day

Lord’s Prayer

CH4 164 “God gave me eyes so I could see”

Old Testament: Isaiah 49:13-16a

Gospel: Matthew 6:24-34

Sermon & Children’s prayer

CH4 251 “I, the Lord of sea and sky”

Offering & Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication

Prayer of Intercession

CH4 154 “O Lord my God! when I in awesome wonder”

Dismissal & Blessing

CH4 786 “May the God of peace go with us”