14th Sunday after Pentecost

Offering & Prayer

Welcome & Intimations

Call to Worship

CH4 63 “All people that on earth do dwell”

Psalm 27:1-5

Prayer & Lord’s Prayer

CH4 14 “The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want”

Epistle: Romans 8:31-39

Gospel: John 14:1-6,27


CH4 547 “What a friend we have in Jesus”

Apostles’ Creed

Prayer of Intercession

The Grace

Narrative of the Institution

Taking of the Bread and Wine


CH4 769 “Holy holy holy, my heart, my heart adores you!” (2x)

Lord’s Prayer

Breaking of Bread

CH4 778 “Lamb of God” (3x)


The Peace


CH4 182 “Now thank we all our God”

Dismissal & Blessing