The Induction Service for our new minister, Rev Johannes Wildner, took place on the evening of Thursday 21st October. Approximately 80 people attended including members of Presbytery; members of our own congregation; guests from Johannes’ previous church at Tullibody, and Johannes’ wife and daughters.

It’s tradition that the worship part of an Induction Service is led by the last minister to have been inducted. In this case it was Rev Mark Smith, minister at Dunscore & Glencairn.

The formal part of the Service was conducted by Rev Mhairi Wallace, Presbytery Moderator, assisted by Rev Donald Campbell, Presbytery Clerk.

Afterwards, refreshments were served in the Main Hall. It was wonderful to be able to hold a social event here again, after such a long period of being restricted from doing so. A special end to a very special evening!


Rev Johannes Wildner with Violet Service, Interim Moderator, Jane Marchbank and David Johnson, Joint Session Clerks