At the end of November, you may have spotted very high scaffolding being erected at the front of the church.  This was to install a new lightning conductor.  However, Storm Arwen threatened to derail the planned repairs and installation on the church spire. We were fortunate that Lightning Protection Services, having kept an eye on the forecast, managed to repair and arrange for the scaffolding to be dismantled, just before the storm hit Dumfries & Galloway. In their report LPS stated:

  • The redundant finial was removed and replaced with a new aluminium finial and section of down conductor.
  • Weeds were removed, treated with weedkiller, and pointed over.
  • The spire itself was in surprisingly good condition above the chevron section, with a different type of sandstone being used at high level.
  • The stone itself was in good order and structurally sound.
  • The pointing was good.
  • Under the chevron level the sandstone is noticeably softer, however it is still structurally sound.

Some additional work needs to be completed to get a better electrical earth reading. This is in the Fabric Plan for 2022 and will involve digging down, so no worries if gales are forecast!

Patricia Jardine