The Session Clerk’s birthday was made complete by witnessing our talented and dedicated Locum emulating our Lord and Saviour by ‘turning water into wine’ in front of 2 helpful young visitors to our Church and Sunday School.

It is also heartening to see Anita Stott stepping in to lead the Sunday School whilst Dawn McLeod is unwell.  We all wish Dawn a speedy recovery.  Anita is also a leading light in the Messy Church group which meets on the last Saturday of each month.

Over the weeks and months, we have had readings well delivered by many of our congregation, and this is as it should be.  One of our repertoire of hymns tells us that ‘we are the Church’ and we continue to demonstrate this admirably.

Margaret Young has agreed to be our Missionary Partner Correspondent, liaising with Gary Brough and family who are to work in Malawi on a tour of duty.  It is to be hoped that Margaret will keep us abreast of how this mission develops in future editions of this magazine.

Well done all who help, including in the kitchen, serving teas, in placing the wonderful displays of flowers which brighten our church and demonstrate yet again that the Lord provides us with ‘all things bright and beautiful’ with the aid of talents of our capable artistes, the people who distribute the flowers to those who cannot make it to our services for whatever reason, and the home visitors team who give those housebound of our number of their time for a wee chat during a friendship visit.

You are all inspirational and are truly giving in full of your time and talents to enhance God’s work.

We cannot fail to move forward with Jesus’ commands to ‘feed my sheep’ with all this and much more besides going on in Max. West Church.

The Tec Team continue to entertain with a varied selection of films and to raise funds to defray the cost of the screen and laptop. The promise and potential are there to provide more in future.

We have been introduced to David Lynch, who has recently been appointed as National Stewardship Co-ordinator by the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh.  David advises that his current drive is entitled ‘A Narrative of Generosity 01/19’ and he has resources available to support us in our journey.  This follows on naturally and seamlessly from our notes last year; it is now some 8 years plus since we mounted a Stewardship campaign to help raise our spirits and our finances to a sustainable level going forward.  The Church of Scotland Year book for 2018-19 shows a comparable table of membership numbers and totals of annual giving.  Our giving on the basis of annual income per head sadly trail that of most of our neighbouring churches in our Presbytery.  In the short term this must change by both becoming much more cost conscious, eg more use of the skills register for self-help work, and increasing giving.

The Bible Study group, led by David Matheson, will re-commence with a Lent study programme over the weeks from 4th March until Easter.  These are short stand-alone meetings, with the small group meeting by mutual agreement at each session.  Anyone interested in learning more will be made most welcome.

God’s love and blessings to all,                                                                  D C Session Clerk