Our next Pilgrimage Walk will be held on Saturday October 1st, and it will take a rather different format than previous walks.  The day is  based around the life of St Ninian and the church he caused to be built at Whithorn – the Candida Casa, the White House.  The aura of sanctity around Ninian’s foundation has endured for more than 1500 years, and Pilgrimages to Whithorn are long-established.

Our day will begin at Cruggleton Church, and then on to the Isle of Whithorn with a short walk to St Ninian’s Chapel and the Witness Cairn.

We will visit the Isle Church and the Maritime Heritage exhibition, with lunch taken at St Ninian’s Hall Tearoom. Then on to Whithorn itself where we will meet the minister of St Ninian’s Church Rev. Alex Currie.
We then visit Whithorn Old Priory.  This is a very full day, but it will be a fascinating to follow in the footsteps of Ninian and learn of the birth of Christianity in Galloway over 1500 years ago.

If you are interested in joining us on Saturday October 1st, please sign up on the poster in the Main Hall.  For our online congregation you can telephone David Johnson on 01387 261627, or use the Contact button on the church website.  We have transport for 9 people in a people-carrier, and I would encourage car sharing for those of you who don’t wish to go by people-carrier.