We celebrated 30 years of friendship at our monthly meetings held during autumn and
spring by having a lunch at the Edenbank Hotel.  The meetings first began as a Young Mothers Group
who met on Thursday mornings, with a creche provided by some wonderful aunties from the Guild members.
After many of the ladies returned to work it was easier to meet in the evening.  The group then changed the name to The After Eights. It was back in September 1993 when the first meeting of this group took place.  There were various speakers who came to talk, demonstrate, show slides and inform us on many topics over the years.
The After Eights would like to take this opportunity to give a long standing founding member our very best and sincerest wishes and Blessings for a very happy future to Mairi and Colin who moved to new beginnings at end of April.
If you would like to join us please contact me on 01387 255080.
Thanks to Heather Johnson, and Jill McEwan for currently helping me to keep the group running. Anita Stott