The World Church Team decided to make this award to an outstanding student in Mathia Church, Kenya. Thanks to the financial support from our congregation we decided to allocate some money in memory of Ian Slack who was a dedicated member of our team and church. Ian was very well known in Christian circles and well thought of in our parish and farther afield as well.

Ian and Rosemary went out to Bondo 12 years ago not knowing what they would find. In the following years they also visited Mathia church, who became our partners through World Mission faith share. Over the 12year period since their first visit, we have supported Bondo with a total of £72,000, providing fresh water wells, sanitation and education. They have progressed successfully over the years and are now self-sufficient.

Our Mathia student bursary which is donated every year, has now been awarded to over 30 students. Some have graduated and others are progressing with extra studies. We asked Mathia elders to nominate one special student who deserves our prize. The criteria they chose was for someone progressing beyond a diploma, a disciplined youth who supports the church and is an example to other youths in the community. The photo on the back cover is of the proud winner of the Ian Slack Memorial Scholarship – Victor Murage. I trust we will hear more of this young man as he receives his presentation very soon.                  A D