The World Church Team received the following from John Njeru:

Report from Mathia Church in Kiangai Parish, Kirimara East Presbytery

I feel so delighted to have an opportunity to give you the report of Mathia church.  I may first want to quote from the sermon that was preached on Sunday 8th of August 2018.  This was from various texts and if I may quote Luke 16:10-13.  The sermon was conducted by all the five elders.

This year we have been able to achieve many things in our church.  During the months of January and February we managed to visit our older members in their respective homes.

During the month of March we had an opportunity of having 2 new elders being ordained in this task noble.  Their names are: 1. Esther Nyawira, 2. Joseph Kimotho Karani.  Bernice has also attained the age of retirement.  We also had an opportunity of having two fasting prayer days.    We also had 4 members who had their weddings blessed.

Also our young people who have been beneficially from your funds have blessed the church with some items.
Some of items are:

  • Modern generator to cater when there is no power electricity
  • Two modern guitars plus many others.

Membership is still going on well.   Also note we have only few elder people who can manage to come to church.

This is just part of the things that we have been able to achieve.  Our church and church school children are doing very well.

Lastly it is important to note that this time our place is very cold to an extent of not being able to move.  We would also like to appreciate your support for our young people.  We feel that our links with your church has been very productive.  We pray that this will continue.

Currently our parish minister is catering for two parishes since we have shortage of Reverends in our church.